Resident DJ for Thumpin’ Thursday -

Also plays at various events, such as Room 237 events - and Beacons Festival -, in Leeds, UK

Previously played at Techno / Electro night, Future / Past, in Leeds. As well as playing / organising other events and parties over the years.

Produced some tracks in early 2K,
Still enjoys producing, however, first and foremost a DJ.


Mixes / Music:


For the full Tracklist : try to guess it or wait until 500 plays!

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Recommended podcast


Exclusive guest mix from Seaes aka Chris Douglas (Scald Rougish/ Dalglish/ OST)

2013-03-08 10h30m16 01h02m53

The set I played in the Automata room at FuturePast 05/05/2012, give or take a few tracks.



Dez Williams - Know Knead
Neil Landstrumm - Night Train
Boddika - Acid Battery
Ed Chamberlain - Gutz
Clatterbox - Data Stream
Decal - From The Inside
Defekt - Destroy Your Planet
Systemic - Phi (Heuristic Audio Remix)
Illektrolab - Interdimensional
Jon Convex - Pop That P
Swarm Intelligence - Scud
Univac - Direction Leipzig
Clatterbox - Force Field
MANASYt - Space Coffin
The Hidden Persuader - Next Wave
The Exaltics - The Hunch (The Exaltics’ Annihilate The Planet)
Galaxian - Pancake Wednesday
The Exaltics - Warships Over Jena City
Lory D - Acidronix
101 Force - Axid V2
Global Goon - Craerzd Extended Mix
The Ace Of Clubs - Cordial
Darling Farah - Berline (Funkineven Remix)
Syntheme - Xwc
Matt Whitehead - A Is For Acid
Mantra - Access 2 Excess
Syntheme - Frf3k Up!
Underground Resistance - Fuck The Majors (Mix 2)
AFX - VBS.Redlof.B
MCA & Burzootie - Drum Machine (Psycho Dust Mix)




Automata Presents Neil Landstrumm & Headcleaner

In association with Futurepast:


In the BASEMENT /// automata

NEIL LANDSTRUMM - Live hardware set
(scandinavia . tresor . planet mu)

Neil Landstrumm Bio:

A fixture of the UK electronic music scene since 1994 Neil Landstrumm has released work on many of the most recognised labels in the industry. Starting with Peacefrog, shifting gears to Berlins’ Tresor Records he then upped the bass-game onto arguably the UKs’ greatest electronic label of the moment, Planet Mu. Neil’s first album for Mu “Restaurant of Assassins” saw Landstrumm hijacking varied influences from techno, dubstep, garage and breaks as well as vintage 90s rave and Sheffield sounds. He is an artist who always seems to be at the spearhead of experimental, dancehall low frequency electronics with his Scandinavia label signature. A pioneer of new styles within techno, often copied and imitated Landstrumm has enjoyed a strong pedigree within the electronic scene. The success of Restaurant’s ravestep sound led Neil onto a string of sessions for the BBC, a main feature on the German “Slices” DVD and relentless live tour dates all throughout 2008, Landstrumm’s new LP on Planet Mu, “Lord for £39″, expands on the steel-city industrial-rave styles set out in his last full-length venture “Restaurant of Assassins”. With several cameos from such stately artists as Carlton Killawatt, Ebola and Si Begg, the vibe is “Imperial British Bass Psychedelia” and all it’s stylish bleepy trimmings. Freshly imported southern-fried krunk, and sweet island dancehall are mixed with the refreshed roots of UK rave, steppers, grime and garage to brew an addictively low frequency elixir. Cult analogue gear and digital production techniques meet in the Witness Rooms to a useful and sovereign effect. British electronic heritage is neatly woven into a new modern bass experience sure to export well to stakked hi-fis near you soon. Lord for £39 is about being a baron on the cheap.


Neil Landstrumm Interview & Showcase:


HEADCLEANER - Live improvised modular synth performance
(rephlex records)

headcleaner presents a fully analog and improvised set, played live on a modular synth featuring many self designed components. the sounds are firmly rooted in driving techno and driven by analog filtering but the rhythm structure is taken away from the 4/4 by using unique sequencers into 3,5 and 7 step loops leading to an alternate techno structure influenced by electro and footwork - welcome to syncotech.


Headcleaner Bio:

ive been making music for 15 years and had a release, position normal, on rephlex records in 2001.

since then things have changed……im basically inspired by the equipment im using, thats what drives the sound i create so ive been though various changes of setup over the years and this means that i can no longer play any old tunes which again puts the emphasis on the new and experimentation. my setup now is purely modular synth.

with a modular synth there are no presets, no programming, no saving of any settings. its a one shot process, thats what got me interested to start with, that everything you do is over and gone never to be repeated. created then for then.

the way i play means theres no pre planning its just a case of flick a switch, twist a knob, see what happens, hold the good bits, chuck the bad, work it, work it.

it really is a case of letting randomness lead the way and just going with it. taking snippets of chaos and focusing on them, involving them with other pieces and moving on.

its also analog through and through, the difference in sound quality is palpable, on a big system its like taking the blinkers off, the sound stands out and cuts through, thats its secret weapon, you just cant beat analog sound….


Headcleaner Interview:


OPENSOURCE - Live Ableton set

Opensource Bio:

Opensource are a Leeds based electronic music production duo. With a background in audio engineering and a shared obsession for making killer music aimed at making you move.

They will be performing a mix of Hip Hop, Dubstep,
DnB, Electronica, and live versions of their own productions.


COBY SEY - Eclectic Electronic / Synthwave DJ Set

Coby Sey Bio:

Promoter affiliated with Room 237 - drummer for Synthwave Band
Yugoslavian Boys


Plus support from Automata DJ’s spinning the finest
Electro, Electronica, Acid, Braindance and more

BEN DEWRANCE (room 237 . automata)

WARREN COOPER (futurepast . automata)

BRIAN DANGERHORSE (freedom sounds . automata)


Also Futurepast present:

In the WAREHOUSE /// 25 years of techno

JOEY BELTRAM (drumcode . stx . tresor . trax - new york) —- 3 hours old vs new set —-
SYSTEMIC (futurepast . duality . labrynth - uk)
SPUTNIK (futurepast)
RICH SMITH (futurepast)


The event will be held at Beaverworks in Leeds UK

Directions below

View Larger Map

Facebook Event page:

Due to demand this is now an ALL TICKET event
Order soon for £12.50 @
(a very limited number of tickets will be available on the door)

See you there

Hosting Room 2 for this event

room1 /// futurepast - 25 years of techno
ORLANDO VOORN (night vision, kms, transmat, metroplex, esp)
bio and classic videos:>
THOMAS P. HECKMANN (afu, force inc, trope, djax, wavescape)
bio, chart, videos + interview:>
SIEGE (teskoba, subsist)
ORIEL (futurepast)
STUART PRENTICE (futurepast)

room2 /// automata - heavy duty electronix
DEZ WILLIAMS (scsi-av, Ai, Cheap Records)
DAZ QUAYLE (scsi-av)
BEN DEWRANCE (room 237, automata)
BRIAN DANGERHORSE (freedom sounds, automata)

Modularis - 03/03/2012

YouTube playlist of purely modular performances at Modularis, shot with my phone.

Featuring: Diffuse, Dan P, Ian Boddy & Norman Phay, Umcorps and Headcleaner.

Modularis is a modular synth meet up with live performances held at Full Circle in Leeds.

Wormhole Escape Route

I found this track on an old mini disc, I had forgotten all about it. The production / mastering isn’t great but this is the only copy there is. Hope you enjoy

Recent visit to the Oramics to Electronica exhibition at the Science Museum, London

Info here:


Watch artist Aura Satz’s film in homage to pioneering British electronic music composer, Daphne Oram and her Oramics Machine.

Satz’s film features Oram’s custom built Oramics Machine, a visual synthesizer that uses drawn images to create sounds. After many years lost in storage the original Oramics Machine was restored and is now on show at London’s Science Museum as part of their exhibition Oramics to Electronica: Revealing Histories of Electronic Music that looks at electronic music from the beginnings of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (founded by Oram) onwards. The film also features the voice of Oram reading from a draft of her 1971 book An Individual Note Of Music, Sound And Electronics.

Atlantis Anew was co-commissioned by The Science Museum, The London Consortium and Sound & Music.